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"The most important thing for a young man is to establish a credit.. a reputation, character."-John D. Rockefeller

The Business Support Division (BSD) manages financial and operating infrastructure of the company. It supports new product development keeping in view compliance and regulatory requirements. The BSD includes human resources, finance, risk management, administration and IT operations.

Human Resources
The Human Resources team is responsible for recruiting, retaining and developing talent with the aim to grow together with the company.

Finance and Accounts
The Finance and Accounts team handles accounting operations, treasury functions, taxation and regulatory matters.

Settlement and Custody
The Settlement team comes into play soon after the execution of trade. Besides prime function of settlement, the department handles trade associated exposure and margins requirements. The Custody department works independently and provides service to customers who maintain custody with FSL.

Risk Management
The Risk Management team works towards the goal of managing and mitigating Risk. The task is done by top down approach and covers risk definition at company level and down to individual client level.

Information Technology
Foundation Securities realizes the critical importance of Information Technology as an enabler for its growth and development. Foundation Securities’ IT Department has been focusing on upgrading its application and integration infrastructure to allow for shorter "time to market" and scalability of its core trading and processing systems.

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