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"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought." -Albert Szzent Gyorgyi

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Due to our exclusive partnership with Macquarie, FSL’s research gets distributed globally through Macquarie’s wide network. The partnership also gives our analysts access to a wealth of information on global stocks, commodities and currencies which helps them in a better understanding of the changing economic trends.

Focused on timely identification of investment opportunities in the equity markets, the Securities Research Division is geared towards extrapolating primary as well as secondary information from the business environment, in order to maximize profit for investor clients.

Research also enhances the preparedness of other core divisions in identifying / managing various business opportunities.

Domain-expertise of the Securities Research Division at Foundation Securities includes leading industrial sectors and stocks. It also spans the broad gamut of economic issues especially as they relate to the capital markets.


  • Commercial Banks
  • Cement
  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas Marketing
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Automobile Assemblers
  • Chemicals
  • Paper and Board
  • Telecom
  • Textile
  • Fertilizer


  • Economy
  • Sectors
  • listed Companies
  • Daily news and market updates
  • Technical research
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